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Affiliate program

• If you have your own site about sport, bets, totalistic and so on, then our affiliate program is for you.

• Affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn money and put it at any time in your purse (no minimum) or pay for the full service access.

• Each user, registered on the site, gets partners link such as User, following the link and coming to the registration page and login there, is assigned to the partner forever.

• Partner will get 20% of all the spent money of a user. Each partner should understand that registration on the site is free and partners assignments are paid only after user pays for the full access to the service and the end of the period of this full access because the user may apply for the repayment of money paid for the full access to the service.

• At each users (partners) main page (link "Login") you can see how many users were registered on your link. Registered user may be simply a partner, for example, and doesnt pay for the full access. Each partner could follow all data of creditings to his partners account.

• Each registered user accepts terms of the affiliate program and must observe the rules.

SPAM is strictly prohibited. If there is a complaint on the user from the administrators or moderators of the sites, forums, portals or other users, getting SPAM on their e-mail box, then we will have to close the access of this user to his/her section of withdrawal of earned money on his/her main users page. Dont forget that forums, for example, often have special sections for advertising your partners link.

• We pay award fee to the most active partners according to the results of the month. Activity of the partner is determined by the sum of money, earned on the affiliate program during one calendar month. The amount of award fee we determine ourselves and pay it directly to the partners purse.

• Since the 16th of January 2009 we introduced for the partners privileged payment for full access you the service of sports statistics and forecasts. Each partner can use the privilege at any time and pay for the full access to the service using earned money, if there is enough money for the payment. Partner can use the privilege only with his partners money without any additional payments. There is a table below with the discounts for partners according to the period of full access, bought by the partners at the special price.

          1. One week -        450 RUR         221 RUR    51%
          2. Two weeks - 630 RUR 290 RUR 54%
          3. One month - 900 RUR 378 RUR 58%
          4. Three months - 1980 RUR 772 RUR 61%
          5. Six months - 3240 RUR 1166 RUR 64%
          6. One year - 5580 RUR 1897 RUR 66%
          7. Two years - 8460 RUR 2623 RUR 69%
          8. Three years - 10980 RUR 3184 RUR 71%

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