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What is system bet?   (to the service ęSystem betĽ)

As one might say, system bet is a complicated variant of parlay, which has some very important advantages in comparison with the last one.

Letís remember, what parlay is. When you bet on a group of events odds of the group are multiplied and compose total odd.

For example, there are four events with odds 1.9; 1.4; 1.75; 2.55. If we wager on parlay total odd will be 11.87025. It is very attractive. In fact it is parlay that gives betting companies greatest profit. Why? I think you know that if even one event in a parlay hasnít happened total bet is considered as lost one. It is the main disadvantage of parley.

In its turn, ęSystem betĽ eliminates this disadvantage. Letís discuss it more detailedÖ

For example, you bet 2 out of 4 system with the same events (screen 1). 2 out of 4 means that when calculating a stake all variants of pairs out of 4 events are taken into consideration. Each pair has its own odd, which is calculated by multiplying odds of each event. Each variant of a system is a parley of two events.

screen 1

There are 6 parleys in total in this case (screen 1). Stake on system bet is divided on a number of variants. Letís call it a stake on a variant. When system is calculated (all events have already happened) all variants are processed. Odd of a variant is multiplied on the stake on a variant. Letís call the result as the result of variant. All results of variants are added forming total result of a system. For example, if total stake on the system is $6 it is $1 per variant. If all events are winning all 6 pairs of events with their own odds (2.66; 3.325; 4.845; 2.45; 3.57; 4.4625) are multiplied on $1 and added:

2.66 * 1 + 3.325 * 1 + 4.845 * 1 + 2.45 * 1 + 3.57 * 1 + 4.4625 * 1 = 21.3125

It means, that in this case you will win $21.31. It is not bad, in view of stake made. Of cause, if we bet not on system but parley, we would get $71.22 (6 * 11.87025), that is a lot more. But donít rush to the conclusions.

As you remember, if even one event is losing the result of parley will be ZERO. Now, letís analyze the same situation in the case of our system bet (screen 2).

screen 2

So event with the odd 1.4 is losing. Then all odds of pairs, which contain the event, become zero and thus final result changes. Letís count it:

0 * 1 + 3.325 * 1 + 4.845 * 1 + 0 * 1 + 0 * 1 + 4.4625 * 1 = 12.6325

That is $12.63. Note that we have made profit and not bad profit even if one event was lost. On the other side we are lucky because the event with low odd has been lost. If the event with the odd 2.55 is lost the result will be $8.44 (but anyway we will make profit, the stake was $6). If two predictions on 2 matches are wrong the result will also wonít be zero. Income will be less. You will get less money, but you will also diminish losses in comparison with wager on parley.

Thus it is evident that system bet has great advantages over a wager on a parley. We recommend you not to neglect this type of bet and use it as often as possible. By the way if any event in system was returned (it often happens in the case of handicap), it is counted with odd "1" (screen 3).

screen 3

In conclusion lets analyze the system bet 3 out of 5 (screen 4) Simply look at the picture and you will understand everything. There are 10 variants in this system. The odd of each variant is calculated as multiplied ones of three.

screen 4

Making a wager, many people are afraid of complicated calculations or other problems. In fact it is rather simple. Especially for you we designed the service ęSystem betĽ, which allows not only to understand what system bet is but also successfully use it in bookmaking companies. So placing a system bet becomes even simpler.

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