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System bet   (What is System bet?)

Number of parlays   Number of events Total stake Number of variants Stake per variant
out of

System bet has been calculated with the service 7357637 times

- delete an event from the system

- to set the same odd for all events in the system (current one for the chosen one)

Stake per variant is the total stake divided by the number of bets.

If the odd is 0(zero) or less than 1(one) the service considers it as 1(one).

The service calculates the best result as the case, when events with the lowest odds havent won.

The worst result is the case, when events with the highest odds havent won.

You could also calculate the system bet taking in consideration events already happened, if you enter odds and choose one of three variants of outcome of the bet (wins, returns, loses).

If total sum isnt entered it considers equal to the number of variants in the system (for stake is equal to 1)

If there are a lot of variants in the system your browser could ask you to stop the work of the script. In this case, let the program to finish the process (it will take only a few seconds) to get the result required.

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