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 5Super League
 51 Division
 15Primera Division
 3Premier League
 5Erste Liga
 4Premier League
 7First Division
Premier League
First League
 6Jupiler League
2e Klasse
Premier League
Serie A
Serie B
1 Division
 8Primera Division
 China PR
 8Super League
 8Mustang Cup
 5Prva HNL
First Division
 Czech Republic
 8Gambrinus Liga
 82 liga
 4Viasat Division
 9Premier League
 10Premier League
 12League One
 12League Two
 Faroe Islands
Premier League
 9League 1
 10League 2
 8League 3
 FYR Macedonia
 5First League
Top League
First League
 91 Bundesliga
 92 Bundesliga
 103 Bundesliga
 8Super League
Beta Ethniki
Beta Ethniki Voreios
Beta Ethniki Notios
 6NB I
Pepsideild karla
Landsbankadeild karla
A League
 7Ligat ha
 8Leumit League
 10Serie A
 11Serie B
 10Serie C (A)
 10Serie C (B)
 10Serie C ()
 9J League
 11J League 2
 6Premier League
First League
 Korea Republic
Top League
 4A Lyga
 7Premier League
 6Premier League
 6Premier League
 9Primera Division
Divizia Nationala
Divizia A
League 1
 10First Division
 Northern Ireland
Mobile League
Primera Division
 52 Liga
 9Liga Sagres
 8Liga Vitalis
 Republic of Ireland
 6Premier Division
 4First Division
 7Liga 1
 8Premier League
 9First Division
 2Second Division (East)
Second Division (West)
Second Division (Ural)
Second Division (Center)
 8Second Division (South)
 Saudi Arabia
Pro League
 6Premier League
 5League One
 5Liga Two
 8Super Liga
 5Prva liga
 South Africa
 8Premier League
 10Primera Division
 11Segunda Division
 10Segunda B1
 10Segunda B2
 10Segunda B3
 10Segunda B4
 5Super League
 5Challenge League
Premier League
 9Premier League
League 1
 9Super League
 8First League
Premier League
 1Premier League
 9First League
 8Second League
Second League A
Second League B
 United Arab Emirates
Pro League
 8Primera Division
 10Major League Soccer
 8Premier League
 7Premier League
 6Premier League

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