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Description of service of sports statistics and sports forecasts     (last updated on March 18, 2010).

  •   What information does the service of sports statistics and sports forecasts give?
  •   How to use the service of forecasts?
  •   Features of using the service of forecasts
  •   Statistics of Championships
  •   Statistics of Forecasts
  •   What is Login?
  •   What do you need for registration?
  •   Both sideís responsibilities
  •   Price of the full access to the service

  •   What information does the service of sports statistics and sports forecasts give?

Service of sports statistics and sports forecasts is designed to estimate results of sports events and to compare these results with estimations of bookmakers. This will give you a chance to beat bookmaker in sports betting. Service gives information and forecast on each match of 130 championships of world football. Service also collects football statistics and gives its own prediction on Championís League Matches, UEFA Football Cup, Europa League, World Cup and Euro Cup. In contrast to the forecast of a bookmaker, which is usually presented in odds, service of sports statistics and sports forecasts shows its prediction in the form of percentage ratio. (screen 1)

screen 1

In upper row the odds of bookmakerís are presented. In lower row there is the probability of the result of an event given by the service. In most cases predictions of a bookmaker and the service match, but sometimes they are totally different, example is presented on the screen 1. An odd of a bookmaker could be recalculated in percentage ratio by dividing 1 (one) on the odd and multiplying the result on 100 (hundred).

In the example, Karpaty is team 1, Shakhtar Dn is team 2.

In the bookmakerís opinion:    1 - 16%, 2 - 71%, 1’- 37%, ’2 - 93%, hd1(+1) - 50%, hd2(-1) - 59%.
In the opinion of the service: 1 - 32%, 2 - 27%, 1’- 73%, ’2 - 68%, hd1(+1) - 94%, hd2(-1) - 7%.

1     - victory of team 1                             
2     - victory of team 2
1’    - victory of team 1 or a draw                 
’2    - victory of team 2 or a draw                                 
hd1(+1) - victory of team 1 with a handicap +1                              
hd2(-1) - victory of team 2 with a handicap -1                             

Though the service gives its forecast on the results "’" and "12" we donít recommend you to consider such types of outcomes as "’" (a draw) and "12" (winning of any of two teams).

So choosing the bet on a match you need to come from the high odd of the bookmakersí office and high probability of the result of an event (in the opinion of the service). However, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice to odd value to make the probability of the result and thus winning higher. The bet "1’" quite answers the demands: the odd is high (2.65) and the probability of outcome is high (73%) but at the same time the bet "hd1(+1)" has higher probability (94%) and the odd is rather high (2.0). These are our arguments. It is essential, that only user decides what bet to choose and how much to stake. And only he is responsible for his actions. By the way, that match ended with the score 0:0.

Service of sports statistics and sports forecasts is easy to operate both for an expert and a newbie. A newbie should know basic terms of bookmaking such as handicap, total, parley and system.

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  •   How to use the service of forecasts?

The service of forecasts gives a choice of championships, dates of events, odds of one of bookmaker companies and probabilities of positive outcome of this or that event.

screen 2

Screen 2 shows that you can choose only matches for today, both today and tomorrow, nearest three days (today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow), only tomorrow matches, only the day after tomorrow or all matches.

Below setting of parameters for odds and probability is displayed. For example, we will get a sample of today matches with the odd on the result "’2" not less than 1.4 and probability of the result "’2" not less than 80%, if only we select matches, which you are interested in and press the button "Show". If you canít select a championship, it means there are no matches in nearest time. Data, satisfying parameters of the filter, is highlighted by different color (screen 3)

screen 3

Clicking the link of any championship, we will get all the nearest matches of the championship leaving filters out of account.

The link appears after displaying all the matches of championship and pressing on it you can get statistics of the championship is shown (screen 4)

screen 4

Clicking one of teams of the match you can get extended statistics on teams: place in the tables of the championship, last matches of each team and head-to-head statistics (screen 5)

screen 5

Often in the lines of matches one can see red and green arrows. A red arrow indicates that the odd is growing, which means that in bookmakerís opinion probability of the outcome of the event is lowing. A green arrow indicates that the odd is moving down, which means that in bookmakerís opinion probability of the outcome of the event is growing. These could happen (and often it is true) because the balance of bets made on the line changes and a bookmaker revises odds to low his losses. Roughly speaking, the bookmaker is guided by "peopleís bet". (screen 5)

screen 5-1

Donít ignore statistics of maximum probability, which represents criterion of predictability of championship. It is not a secret that sometimes bet on event with maximum probability loses. There are several reasons. We would not describe them. But in each line there is the maximum probability, i.e. the event with maximum probability (without probability of totals). We decided to collect statistics with maximum probability to determine what outcome of the bet in a line is. There are championships which results are in good agreement with maximum probabilities (up to 100%), then they have high criterion of predictability. At the same time, there are championships, which requires additional analysis (there are only a few of them, but they exist). Screen 5-1 shows the example of such statistics. In the first column there is gradation by probability (maximum probability may be 79% as well as 96%). In the second column the number of outcomes with such probability is displayed, counted for last 360 days (pay attention to the fact that cases with maximum probabilities less than 75% were not included in this number). We suppose you have no questions about content of third, forth and fifth columns. The sixth one displays the ratio of zero-risk outcomes with maximum probability to the total number of matches in each group of gradation. Pay your opinion, please, that in fact this percent is higher if one takes in consideration the details of beginning and ending of the season. We leave them out of the account and calculate statistics on the basis of all forecasts on matches, thatís why criterions of predictability are rather lowed. Statistics of maximum probability is showed for each championship, when pointing on its name. Choosing championships you can switch off the option of displaying statistics of maximum probability.

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  •   Features of using the service of forecasts

Using the service of forecasts you should take into account some features of championships. If not, it will be difficult to reach high profits.

1. The service of forecasts can give inaccurate forecasts at the beginning of the championship (first 7-8 rounds). Mostly forecasts become accurate since the third round.

2. The service of forecasts can not predict the result of a fixed match. These matches (in any case) are very rare. There are championships (for example, Premier League of England) where they are absolutely impossible, because sanctions are very strict. At the same time there are championships which "fixed features" attract attention year by year (for example, Italian Championship) especially in the last rounds. We donít claim the contracted character of the match however we will give the example. (screen 6)

screen 6

It was impossible for handicap to be "hd2(+1)" on "Roma" against outsider. Nevertheless you donít need to hurry with a bet because here bookmaker himself prompts to dishonesty of the match as the odds on "Roma" were too high. Looking through the statistics of championship, we see that "Roma" will not be the champion as well as it will not leave the second place. At the same time it is very important for "Cagliari" to win the match, because there are a lot of teams which want it to be eliminated. A good fixed match means a lot of goals and unexpected result (though maybe expected). This match score was 3:2 in favour of "Cagliari". Really! Also we draw your attention to the result of the previous match of "Roma" on 13-May-2007. (screen 6)

3. The service of forecasts can predict inaccurately outcome of matches which are highly motivated for one team and low motivated for another. It often happens in the last rounds at the end of the championship, when the result of the match is already unimportant for one team and for another it is a chance not to leave the League, become the champion, reach the Championís League or UEFA Cup. Perhaps, the examples from the previous paragraph suite this case. If both teams have the same motivation, then the result is predictable. (screen 7)

screen 7

There is the penultimate round and "Frosinone" team needs to take the chance to stay in the series (without play-off matches with the minor series because it is a big risk). But "Albinoleffe" do not need to be afraid, they have already performed the task to stay in series "B" and donít have chances to reach playoff. The final result of the match was 2:0.

4. We also advise to pay special attention to handicaps. Goal is an important event in football, but during the championship some teams manage either to score or to allow too much. The service of forecasts tries to take this into account, too. However, sometimes 100% handicap (+3) is total nonsense for the team, which is losing 8:0. That is why pay attention to the previous matches before making a decision on a bet. Moreover in this case good adviser is statistics of maximum probability.

5. Total of the match is hardly-predicted part of the service of forecasts. The most accurate forecasts in the specific championship begin since 8-10 rounds. But it is a well-known fact both in the world of bookmakers and in the world of cappers that total of the match is rather hard to forecast.

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  •   Statistics of Championships

Any visitor of the site can use service of statistics of championships. We record statistics on 130 football championships in the world and renew it daily. Service of statistics is very easy to use. Firstly you should choose a championship for review, clicking the proper link. Clicking one of the teams of a championship, you will get the results of all the matches of this team this season. (screen 8)

screen 8

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  •   Service of forecasts

Service of forecasts statistics can be used by any registered user of the site. Service gives results of forecasts with sorting of championships and dates of matches (yesterday, yesterday and the day before yesterday, only the day before yesterday and specific date). Losing events are highlighted red, winning events Ė blue, the cases of "returned bet" Ė green. (screen 9)

screen 9

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  •   What is Login?

This is a special section, where a user is identified. After that he can work with the service of sport statistics and forecasts either in full or in limit.

Clicking the link a user gets to the his main page where there is his data given at registration and information about his results as a partner of the service of sport statistics and forecasts if he takes part in affiliate program.

On your userís main page you can change an email and a password as well as apply for outputting your money earned in affiliate program and receiving the full access to the service of sport statistics and forecasts or pay for the full access in automatic mode.

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  •   What do you need for registration?

To register you need to input your Login and active email address on the registration page after having familiarized yourself with use conditions of the service of sport statistics and forecasts which you can find in description of the service and in the section "Frequently Ascked Questions" as well as with the rules of affiliate program. After successful registration follow the link "Login". On the userís main page you can apply for the paying for the full access to the service of sport statistics and forecasts. Before this you have a limited access to the service of sport statistics and forecasts. If you donít authorize at least once during the year, your account will be deleted. It is no concern of users who participate in affiliate program actively.

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  •   Both sideís responsibilities

One can use information of the service of sport statistics and forecasts only if he accepts the following conditions:

    • each user uses information given by the service of sport statistics and forecasts at his own risk and is absolutely responsible for his operations;

    • the service of sport statistics and forecasts is just a counselor and doesnít make anyone follow its forecasts and bet on sport events;

    • registration on the site of the service of sport statistics and forecasts is free but the full access one can get paying settled amount;

    • at any time each user can apply for stopping of the full access to the service with repayment of money paid for the full access minus the sum for the usage of the full access on the basis of 1$ (90 RUR) a day irrespective of the sum and the period you paid for (repayment is made only on the WMR purse irrespective of the way of paying for the full access);

    • the price for the full access can be increased or decreased; this change doesnít apply to the already paid-up access;

    • each user, registered at the site of the service of sport statistics and forecasts, should use his account individually and protect a password given by the system to prevent other people have access;

    • we have the right to add, change this description and any information on the site of the service of sport statistics and forecasts. And if there is NO message from the registered user with the refuse to accept new or changed conditions during three days since the date of changing (it is at the top of this page), we automatically think that registered user accepts the changes and innovations.

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  •   Price of the full access to the service

Today there are several ways of paying for the full access to the service of the sport statistics and forecasts. To have an opportunity to pay for the full access to the service at first one has to register. One can pay for the full access to the service for the following periods:

          1. One week -         5 $ 
          2. Two weeks - 7 $
          3. One month - 10 $
          4. Three months - 22 $
          5. Six months - 36 $
          6. One year - 62 $
          7. Two years - 94 $
          8. Three years - 122 $

For all users there is a save-up system of discounts for the full access to the service. According to the sums made for the service user can get a constant discount of 10%, 20% or 30%.

If the sum of your payments is:

          more than 500  RUR, your discount is  10%.
          more than 1000 RUR, your discount is  20%.
          more than 3000 RUR, your discount is  30%.

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